What If Growing Your Leads and Sales From Organic Search Became Your #1 Revenue Generating Activity?

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SEO Growth Accelerator

SEO Growth Accelerator

The only SEO coaching program that combines SEO program setup, 1-1 coaching, and done for you SEO services, to grow your business with organic search.
The only SEO coaching program that combines SEO program setup, 1-1 coaching, and done for you SEO services, to grow your business with organic search.

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Let's Cut To The Chase


And learning as you go can be complicated and time consuming.

Between wondering what technical issues your platform may be experiencing or whether to change your navigation, and getting all the necessary SEO recommendations implemented.

 It’s enough to make you stuck then quit ever doing any SEO in your business. I haven’t even gotten to running a citation audit and backlink analysis to knock your competitors out of the SERPs.

If you’re like most online service providers I speak with

then you likely encountered any or all of the following.

Which one of these is holding you back from organic search success?


You’ve tried DIY SEO and it’s frankly not your jam You’ve decided to try it yourself, because you figured...

How hard could this really be? You learned quickly, there’s a lot that you can’t keep up with, or just don’t know.


You’ve tried hiring an SEO freelancer only all you got was a keyword ranking report, which did not show the new sales coming in.

Or worse, you got nothing after paying them for weeks or months. So, how could you think SEO actually works?


When asked, about your "digital marketing strategy" you answer " I don't have any marketing strategy”

Should you focus on Paid Ads or Organic Search? You know it's important, but you get lost and don't know where to start.

Hey there, I'm Janet Bartoli

I’ve worked with hundreds of SEO professionals over the course of my professional career.

After conducting many hours of interviews, and hirings ... there were many I had to let go.

Finding and hiring a smart strategic SEO professional into your business is not easy.

There isn’t any actual "SEO Certification" at all. Many SEO professionals out there, never had any formal SEO training. No mentor, or structure to learn from.

I got to learn with a mentor in an NYC based digital agency, where I got my start working with clients like Reader’s Digest, and Sotheby’s International. Over the years, I created my own SEO methodology. I trained developers, and content marketers to integrate SEO into their companies. Many of these companies spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with me perfecting their SEO programs. They went from "absent" to "strategic" in their SEO maturity. They now get to realize SEO as their #1 revenue generating activity!

Now, I've taken all my years of training, and SEO expertise into a 4 Week group coaching SEO education program, meant to help businesses like yours apply SEO without guessing, or hoping the next "SEO guru" you work with can figure it out.

Just Imagine if you could...

  •  Stop spending time and money looking for an SEO agency and have a built in SEO team with strategic coaching, helping you grow your search presence
  • Step into your role as CEO because you no longer need to deal with details you shouldn't be
  • ​Feel 100% confident having a reliable marketing channel bringing in new clients every week
  • ​Finally stop guessing how to start, or what matters most to Google, and be found for those services you provide

SEO Growth Accelerator

The Only SEO Group Coaching, Done-For-You SEO Program Development Built for Online Service Providers

If we're honest, you can't "do it all"

The last thing you need is another BS “SEO how to” that forces you to take on more SEO tasks than you have time for.
There are aspects of your sales and marketing you need to be 100% involved in to grow your business.

Conducting a tech audit or performing keyword research for your next blog is not a good use of your CEO time. That's why I developed SEO Growth Accelerator.

SGA combines everything you’d expect out of a full SEO program done within a 4 week period of time.

Go from Absent to Strategic with a team backed by decades of strategic SEO experience.

Here's How SEO Growth Accelerator Works:

SGA combines 4 weeks of SEO program development, direct support, group coaching, and done-for-you SEO services to help you go from zero to ranking and having your site become your #1 lead generator... over and over and over again.

When you become one of 15 businesses we'll work with, you'll get access to...

Your Private 60 Minute 1:1 Discovery Call with Your Strategic SEO Lead

One of the first things we'll do is meet with you 1:1, talk about your business goals and objectives. This is how you'll start to build your SEO strategy. We never go into any SEO program without understanding your key performance indicators.

We look at your industry, which niche you're in, and determine how competitive we need to be to get the results you need. This is a 60 minute meeting with you, your team and our lead SEO strategy coach.

Week 1: Your SEO Strategic Blueprint

We start off our 4 weeks by developing your 6 month SEO plan of attack.This is the critical piece that sets up your next 6 months in acquiring new traffic to your site and based on the business goals and objectives we went over in the initial discovery meeting.

This is the most often overlooked piece of every SEO program, but one that matters for all successful SEO programs. We also take into consideration all your digital marketing efforts.


We address the technical side of SEO by making sure we help Google find and rank your pages.

You get an SEO audit of your website (provided by our team of SEO technical specialists) so you don't need to worry about how to actually run a tech audit.

Here's everything we cover: + Full Technical Audit & Prioritized Recommendations + Google Analytics Setup + Google Search Console Setup + Google My Business Audit + steps to improve.


This is how we get all the pages connected and create the new content your customers are looking for. We start Optimization of your existing content. We work through and develop a winning content marketing strategy so that we meet your customers wherever they are in their buyer journey.

You'll get your own content brief templates and actionable plan for developing ongoing content. Content is a KEY piece to your overall SEO performance.


In our Final Week 4, we address all the off site stuff of SEO, including YouTube, Backlinks and Social Media.

Build better brand awareness WITH social media.

Quick and easy YouTube SEO, the #2 Search engine and How to optimize your channel.

What the "gurus" don't tell you about backlinks - the TRUTH about links and your rankings.


Those DIY days are over. Time to work directly with an industry leading SEO expert by your side.




Startup SEO is ideal for the business without any of the SEO basics applied to their site. What we’ll help you with are things like:
  • Setup your Google Analytics with Event Tracking + your own Google Data Studio Reporting Dashboard
  • ​Setup Google Search Console + Full Analysis with recommendations
  • A Full Site audit with Content Strategy
  • ​Our writers will write 1 new blog post for your blog each month
  • 2 New Guest Posts each month to high authority, relevant publishers
  • ​A Full Technical Site Audit with Prioritized Recommendations (We can even implement these if you need assistance) 
  • ​A Monthly Performance Review & SEO Advisor Consultation


Structural SEO is for those businesses with the basics in place, but need to focus on optimization of existing content, and identify gaps & opportunities within your site and includes all the following:
  • On Page SEO (13 Pages: Home, Products, Industries)
  • 1 New Blog Post
  • 2 New Guest Posts
  • ​Keyword Gap Analysis
  • ​Keyword Research / Search Intent analysis
  • ​Competitive Search Analysis
  • ​Existing Content/Page Level Analysis
  • ​Apply Site Side Recommendations
  • ​Monthly Performance Reporting Baseline
  • ​SEO Advisor Consultation


This is great for those businesses that need to become more competitive and continuously grow their audience reach. Great for ongoing SEO work and includes all of the following:
  • Newly developed content Content Strategy & Gap Analysis (Using Hub & Spoke methodology) 
  • Content Briefs with SEO applied
  • Backlink Gap Analysis with Link Acquisition to High Authority, related publishers
  • ​1 New Blog Post
  • ​2 New Guest Posts
  • ​Monthly SEO Performance Reporting and SEO Advisor Consultation


Any business that requires additional exposure, and increased visibility in the search engines; especially helpful for those needing accelerated growth and in competitive industries or those internationally. During this SEO Sprint we focus mostly on the following:
  • Competitive Backlink Gap Analysis 
  • Citation Audit
  • Local Search Engine Optimization focus
  • ​Link Acquisition to High Authority, related publishers sites 
  • ​1 New Blog Post 
  • 2 New Guest Posts 
  • ​Monthly SEO Performance Review & Consultation 
For real. Here’s a snapshot of our Stripe account from our most recent launch: 
And if you’re like, “Okay cool, but I’m not you. It won’t work for me because I’m just starting out / don’t have a niche yet / don’t have an email list / etc.”...

… check out what this process has done for our students who are just like you:
That's Jordan, a recent bootcamp participant of ours who teaches fly fishing and reached out after using the secret ingredients taught inside our bootcamp...

Within 5 minutes of making his offer, he had sold over $4,000 of online course sales!

Or what about Joy Foster who helps women build online technical skills so they can return to work or change careers...
After making a few key changes to her $2,000 program, she went on to have her biggest promotion bringing in over 100 new customers!

She also used our killer promotion strategy, but more on that later...

Or how about Magnus Zetterlund who teaches people how to play the mandolin..
He's a recent member of our annual coaching program and that's him posting in our private Slack community.

We walked him through using the same ingredients you will learn in this bootcamp and he went on to make $22,902 in his first promotion!

Basically, we know a thing or two about helping people like you tap into the thriving online, multi-billion dollar online education industry and get paid for what you already know. 

Sound like something you’re into? Keep on readin’, friend. 

So, What's The Investment?

Here’s the thing: I am well aware of what many charge for their SEO services.
(I'm also experienced on the agency side and know what should and should NOT be included. ;)
Many high quality SEO programs cost tens of thousands of dollars to go from no SEO to getting all the necessary SEO pieces in place.

Want to hire an SEO Manager in house Full Time? That's at least $80,000/year for a NEWBIE SEO. SEO success share these important factors:
  • A willingness to take action and implement timely
  • Have a great service to share with the world and fulfill on it successfully
  • Open to learning and applying their SEO learnings


(or 3 easy monthly payments of $665)

4 Week Done With You SEO Program Development
  • 60 Minute Discovery Call & 6 Month SEO Strategy Technical SEO Analysis + Recommendations Done For You
  • Content marketing strategy + on page SEO recommendations instruction Promotional Off Site SEO + YouTube SEO
  • Podcast SEO, and How to Link Acquisition Weekly Calls, + SEO Coaching & education throughout the entire process
  • Private Slack channel access for ongoing support in this program
  • Done for You SEO Services including: Technical SEO Audit + Recommendations, Local SEO Audit (for Local Business), and support with any implementation
  • **If at any time during or after this program, you decide to upgrade to SEO Sprints - We will apply this investment to your Sprint Program
SEO Sprints
(or 6 easy monthly Payments of $3,332)
6 Month Done For You SEO Program
  • 60 Minute Program Kickoff Call & 6 Month SEO Strategy
  • Full Technical SEO Analysis + Recommendations Done For You
  • Setup Google Analytics (Version 4 with Event Tracking Established)
  • Setup Google Data Studio Reporting Dashboard + Baseline report
  • Content Strategy & Plan (Establish Hub & Spoke site strategy)
  • Full Website Audit (On page SEO, Competitor Analysis, URL Equity, Key Takeaways, Keyword Research, Recommendations)
  • Citation Audit
  • Citation Building Competitive Backlink Audit & Analysis (6)
  • New Blog Posts / 1,000 words per blog article
  • (6) Content Briefs (SEO Analysis, Competitive keyword and search analysis to develop hub and spoke content that ranks)
  • (6) Monthly SEO Performance reports
  • (6) Monthly SEO Advisor Meetings + SEO Performance Analysis Private SEO Deliverables Folder (All deliverables, reports; to keep and maintain all SEO resources with share access)
*We limit the number of businesses we work with in the SEO Sprints program,
so that we can provide the best possible service for each business we work with.
Just in case you needed a gentle nudge to realize 
SEO greatness…We do offer a guarantee
SEO Growth program:
We honor a full refund, if by the end of the 1st week, you don't feel this program is a right fit.

SEO Sprints Program:
If you don’t feel as though you’re getting at least 10x value you have the right to request cancellation at any time without penalty, providing you provide us at least 30 days written notice.

Affordable Long-Term Funding For USA Based Businesses

If you’re a US citizen or resident and you would prefer to pay off your investment in the program gradually, then you can use our third-party funding service.
  • Easy monthly repayments as low as $200
  • Flexible 2-5 year payment plans
  • 0% interest for up to 15 months
  • NO prepayment penalties
  • ​Applying will NOT affect your credit score
Get instant access and make your first repayment 30 days from now. This is your chance to come into the program with little to no risk so you can crush your next promotion and pay off your investment in full.

*We are currently working on providing funding for non-US clients. For now, you can use our flexible, 6-month payment plan.

You Might Have a Few Questions...

Tell me who is a "good" fit for the
Growth Accelerator?
You're a good fit if you have had it with spending good money on outdated SEO tactics and freelancers who are not invested in YOUR business goals and objectives.

You have a business established, and offer great services that you can fulfill on, and are interested in learning and applying SEO best practices to help grow your business and build ongoing sales and revenue through SEO efforts.
Will My SEO Program Be Built By Your Team?
You and my team and I, will all build your SEO program. You will learn how to keep it growing for the long term.

You will have my full 100% support every step of the way.
How is The SEO Growth or SEO Sprints different from working with an agency in a contract?
We thought you'd never ask. There's lots that's different.

First, there is no 12 month agreement. SEO Growth is a 4 Week Coaching and Done With You Program, and SEO Sprint is a FULL Done For You Program. You will learn what to expect from a top level, high performing SEO program.

Additionally, you have my team and me to support you the whole way through.
How is the Growth Accelerator different from an SEO course?
Quick Answer: It's not actually "a course" it's a scalable SEO program that will be built for your business. That said, you will absolutely be learning and applying what you learn throughout the 4 weeks we have together.
Will this work if I've never done SEO before?
Yes! I have trained, and worked with many business owners, developers, and new marketers and I've help them learn and grow their SEO programs to become very successful over just a short few months.

I have taught many who were not technical or not search savvy to easily apply new SEO skills to their programs. And I can coach you too!
Why is there an application process for the SEO Sprint Program?
In order to ensure your business is as successful as it can be, and that this program is the right fit for your business, we request that each business apply to be considered into the program.

We can't guarantee every business will be accepted. Past SEO work on your site is NOT a requirement for acceptance.


There is no other program like this anywhere.

Maybe you’ve tried hiring some freelancer in another country to do keyword research for you, only to find out they don’t know your audience or the language is way off.

Then you start wondering that maybe SEO just doesn’t work at all.

That’s EXACTLY why I’m here for you! I’ve seen it work time and time again. For very large corporate sites, and much smaller niche course creators.

Yes, It can work for your business too! And I can’t wait to show you how!

Ready? Let’s do this together!
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